eXec (Executive Management Excellence Center) is a think-tank aiming to improve the business environment by providing training, mentoring, executive coaching, research and development in the areas of governance, business leadership, and financial management in corporate sector.

Areas of interest:

  • Leadership
  • Effective Governance
  • Mentoring & Executive Coaching
  • Financial and Economic Studies

Today's turbulent and trying times enhances the need for even better and more effective leadership at every level of business life. In that regard, eXec aims to create platforms where leaders meet, network, and learn from each other.

Activities in that area include:

  • Leadership and networking summits
  • Speeches at university events
  • Corporate training on business leadership
  • Mentoring and coaching to key decision makers
  • Inviting leading academia to make research on business leadership

Effective Governance:
By contributing to the enhancing of the governance standards and practice in the community at large, eXec aims to create a sustainable positive change in the business milieu.

Activities in that area include:

  • Research on cultural aspects of governance practices
  • Advise to companies about the international best practices
  • Better governance for a better international partnership
  • Governance from a private equity perspective
  • Representation of minority shareholders

Mentoring & Executive Coaching:
eXec provides coaching to key decision makers in order to help them develop the attitude and behaviour they need to ensure the delivery of desired results, develop their full leadership potential and improve their performance and effectiveness as a leader. eXec also work with business leaders for the design and execution of effective mentoring programs.

Today's leaders need to understand their habitual patterns and broaden their style and range to move forward from previously rigid or stuck problems, situations and relationships, manage and lead in times of complexity, change and ambiguity, and build their authentic and assertive leadership presence.

Key decision makers have fiduciary responsibility to multiple stakeholders; stewardship of human, financial, intellectual, capital and social resources; and economic, social and environmental well-being of entire communities. eXec aims to provide executive coaching to these individuals to serve as a strategic partner providing skills like business acumen, financial management, leadership and organizational skills, analytic and innovative thinking as well as an ability to inspire trust and commitment to action.

Financial and Economics Studies:
In the area of financial and economic studies, eXec aspires to be a leading contributor of independent analysis, informed debate and influential ideas by producing analysis and offering new ideas to decision makers on key global, and region-specific challenges.

Activities in that area include:

  • Energy, environment, climate change and governance
  • International economical and financial studies
  • Regional studies with a key focus on China, European Union and Near East